Dr. Ali Harjan welcoming to Mr. Hamodi and Mr. Santiago Carpintero to the meeting.

We have agreed :

1/ That Mr. Santiago Carpintero will be encharged of Foreing Affaris of the Association.

2/ Dr. Ali and Santiago C. will finalize to get the N.I.F. In the Oficial Tax Office of Marbella (Agencia Tributaria),stamps of the association ,open a bank account, and create an internet hosting, regarding to obtain an email and a web site.

3/ To search in internet for differents related associations in Malaga, Andalucia and Spain. Then send to all of these associations a Presentation Letter.

4/ Stablish a data base of members

5/ We have discussed about the differents activities of Association

6/ For next summer, we have arranged gathering for members and guests,with some cultural activities like musci,films,etc.

7/ Mr. Hamodi will contact with “Casa Arabe” in Madrid and other expats associations as well related to our activity.To contact with people related with differents arts like musicians,artists,filmmakers,and other arts.


Date :  28/02/2017

Place:   Málaga

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